The Greek Aerospace Medical Association (G.A.S.M.A.), scientific, non profit, was established in Thessaloniki the 24/12/1996 (publication of a statute in the book of Associations of the City Court of Thessaloniki, with consecutive number 4349/24-12-1996).

The goals of the Association are the following:

· Raising the level of awareness and understanding of the people all over the world of the importance of aerospace education. 

· Providing international forum for the exchange of information and ideas for organizations, firms and individuals interested in aerospace education. 

· Improvement of scientific methods and techniques during Aerospace Medical training, and establishing international patterns.

· Establishing of cooperation between Medicine and other Sciences that show interest in Aeronautic and Astronautic development and progress.

· Cooperation with International Education centers in relation to Aerospace Medicine and granting of scholarships to young researchers aiming to the dissemination of knowledge of Aerospace Medicine.

· Organization of seminaries, conferences and post-graduate programs, related to the development and the interests in Aerospace Medicine and similar Sciences.

· Publication of newsletter reports and prints with the activities of the Association and the progress of other foreign countries’ research programs in Aerospace Medicine Branch.

· Offering services to the Public or Private domain; in matters relevant to Aerospace Medicine. 

The realization of the objectives mentioned above is pursued by:

1. Organizing scientific meetings at least once a year.

2. Cooperation of the Association (G.A.S.M.A.) with other Medical Associations (Universities, public or private Clinics) and other Scientific Organizations..

3. Cooperation with International Scientific Organizations.